Virgil's Root Beer (#18)

Overall Rating: 8.40 out of 10

Reeds, Los Angeles, CA


160 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 42g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Fitting dark amber bottle with a label in gold trim. Also a nice matching wrapper around neck = 8.4

  • Color: Deep Brown = 8.0

  • Taste:  Deep and sweet root beer a bold taste  = 8.7

  • Experience: Check out their website for that root beer float recipe   = 8.5

  • Sweetener: Unbleached Cane Sugar

    Was able to pick up a 4 pack of the Virgil’s Root Beer, and glad I did. I have been drinking one of these a day recently and have to say, this is a great root beer. I was really impressed with the overall appearance of the bottle and gold labeling. Very detailed to the listing of the all natural ingredients and the mention of “Served Chilled (Without Ice)”. Not that’s how you should serve a root beer. This root beer has a strong root beer grab at first sip, but then goes down sweet and smooth making you want a another sip. Looking forward to trying more of the Virgil’s soda. Try this root beer using the float recipe that can be found on their website. Enjoy!