Dunedin History Museum -2019

It is with great honor to have been given the opportunity to display a portion of my collection in the Dunedin History Museum. This great little museum is in Dunedin, Florida and housed in which was the original train depot in the center of the town. This is the small town in which I grew up in, and back in the 80s you could of found me gathering up those returnable glass bottles to buy me that next ice cold soda. Dunedin is on the central gulf coast side of Florida. Rich with Scottish heritage and like many Florida cities, Dunedin was once a main driver in the citrus industry. Dunedin’s downtown provides a great mixture of restaurants and shops which gives it that great “Main Street America” atmosphere. If your ever in central Florida or the gulf coast, take a day and visit and see my collection at this great museum and check out Dunedin.

Link to the Dunedin History Museum

Great Video on the Grand reopening of the Museum

Learn more about Dunedin Florida

Some photos of the Dunedin History Museum (Train Depot) Then and Now

Here is high level summary of the different sections of the display

  • Coca-Cola: The center of the display and main anchor is Coca-Cola and related sodas. This section contains: Early straight-sided Cokes from Tampa and also an amber bottle from Memphis, Tn (No ambers were made in Florida) Both a 6 and 8 pack plastic carriers, many hobbleskirt bottles and two wooden crates. In addition, many brands such as Sprite, Tab, Fresca and Barqs

  • Orange and “Sun” themed bottles from the south: Brands such as Sun Sport,Sunbow, Sun Crest, Sun Rise, Sun Tang, Orange Crush, Orange Ball, Franks Nectar, Cobb’s Orange (Miami),

  • Royal Palm: Wide variety of Royal Palm bottles (Florida based and distributed by Coca-Cola. ). See earlier Blog post on Royal Palm

  • Birds & Bees: Towards the front of the store, you will see a framed picture of a bird, here you will see a large amount of bottles with either Birds or Bees. You can see all of these listed in my Birds and the Bees section.

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: In the inside corner of the display, you will see a silver airplane. In this section you see bottles such as Hub (Yellow bottles with train), Top Flite, Jet, Saturn, Rocket, Lift and Sky High a earlier 1930s bottle.

  • Royal Crown and Nehi: Another great brand of the south, you will see numerous bottles from the 50s and 60s including the famous RC pyramid bottle which is depicted on the sign. In addition an assortment of Bubble Up items.

  • Lower Display on Bookshelf; Wide variety of bottles such as: Spiffy, Ski, Whistle (Tampa) Squeeze, Nesbitts and wide assortment of cans pictured in Kick the Can section

Some photos of Vintage Soda Collection display at the Dunedin History Museum, Hope you enjoy, Tom