Stewart's Key Lime Soda (#3)

Overall Rating: 6.0 out of 10

Dr Pepper/Snapple


180 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 44g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Squat bottle and Stewarts classic label = 7.0

  • Color: super green = 7.0

  • Taste: Very artificial to come up with this taste  = 5.0

  • Experience: You got to be a Key Limer to enjoy this one  = 5.0

     A few weeks ago, we took a family vacation down to Key West. So what better place to purchase the Stewart's Fountain Classes Key Lime soda then in a key lime pie shop in Key West. It was a hot July day in Florida, so the Key Lime soda went down with no problem. My memories from that taste gave me the picture of some scientific mixture with a twist of lime to top it off. You either like or dislike the key lime taste, so for sure this drink is not for the dislikers. This soda as an ingredient that you have to look up "bromated vegetable oil?? Final take, you got to be a lover of key lime to like this one.