Lemmy Lemonade (#35)

Overall Rating: 8.12 out of 10

Bottled thru Orca Beverages

Website: https://orcabeverage.com/about-orca-beverage/

160 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 43g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Smooth clear bottle with original Lemmy label = 8.2

  • Color: refreshing lemon = 7.8

  • Taste: Total inviting refreshing lemonade with sugar on top   = 8.0

  • Experience: Really enjoyed one of these by the pool = 8.5

  • Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar

Lemmy Lemonade soda pop was first introduced in 1939 by the A. J. Lehman Company. A carbonated soft drink that contained real lemon juice and pure cane sugar..

I have a had few Lemmy’s in the past and finally took the time to write this review. I never got a chance to taste the original, but have to say I really enjoy this lemonade. I’m a fan of lemon flavored drinks and beer, so that probably explains my review. Lemmy contains the perfect mixture that is not to sour and not to sweet. This is a great example of a craft soda from the past. This drink goes down fast and smooth leaving a lemmy taste to remember. This is a great soda to enjoy by the poolside on hot summer day!

Dublin Cherry Limeade (#34)

Overall Rating: 7.15 out of 10

Bottled by Dublin Bottling Works, Dublin, Tx

Website:  http://www.dublinbottlingworks.com/

160 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 42g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Smooth clear bottle with vintage looking label = 7.2

  • Color: Bubbly red color = 7.4

  • Taste: Cherries and more cherries with some sugar on top   = 7.0

  • Experience:  This makes a great summer retreat after doing some yard work  = 7.0

  • Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar

If the Dublin name rings a bell, it should. This is the bottling birthplace of the 120 year Dr. Pepper brand. As the Dr. Pepper production stopped there, the Dublin Bottling Works started to take a stand on the craft soda business with the release of many different sodas with one of them being the Cherry Limeade. A clear simple smooth bottle with a vintage label and picture of cherries.

At the release of the green cap, the inviting smell of cherries and fizz. With a great taste of cherries and pure cane sugar, this soda proved it point. Did not really taste much of the lime or much tartness. With the 40+ grams of sugar in this one, tastes is as if your having a cherry sour ball candy. This makes a great summer retreat after doing some yardwork!