Hank's Gourmet Root Beer (#36)

Overall Rating: 8.42 out of 10

Hanks Gourmet Beverages, Philadelphia, PA

Website: https://www.hanksbeverages.net/

160 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 41g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Great heavy amber bottle. Classy label with gold print including neck label  = 8.5

  • Color: Medium brown mystery = 8.5

  • Taste:  Smooth and stable root beer = 8.0

  • Experience: Hanks has an unique taste that goes down smooth. Enjoy one of these on your next cook-out  = 8.7

  • Sweetener:  Cane Sugar

    At first taste, I really enjoyed Hank’s Root Beer. This root beer was not an overtaking foamy mess, but a smooth and easy going soda. Hanks has a great aroma and the right amount of cane sugar to give it “ I want another one” feeling. I was also really impressed with the bottle. It is a nice curved heavy amber bottle and classy label. Looking forward to trying the other Hank’s flavors. Give Hank’s a try at your next cookout.

Check out the Hank’s story: https://www.hanksbeverages.net/about/