Stewart's Orange'n Cream (#16)

Overall Rating: 7.77 out of 10

Dr Pepper/Snapple



180 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 45g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Fitting clear squat bottle = 7.5

  • Color: Crush Orange = 7.8

  • Taste:  Fresh Oranges and ice cream  = 7.8

  • Experience: Reminds mean of that orange grove shop swirl ice cream   = 8.0

  • Notable Ingredients: Orange juice concentrate and sodium benzoate

  • Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Found a 4 pack of the Stewart's Orange 'n Cream and have no regrets on that purchase. At first taste, this soda reminds me of a orange and vanilla swirl ice cream that I used be able to get from a local orange grove shop. Growing up in Florida I have come to love both the orange taste and anything related to the citrus industry. Back to the soda, again this is a great refreshing soda on a summer afternoon.  If you like oranges, you will like this one!  

Saranac Orange Cream (#7)

Overall Rating: 4.50 out of 10

Saranac  Utica, NY


180 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 45g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Standard tall clear bottle with no trills label that was not glued on very well.. = 5.0

  • Color: Modest orange = 5.0

  • Taste: Can taste the orange but very lite on the creme    = 4.0

  • Experience: Decent but needs more creme in its soda  = 4.0

  • Notable Ingredients: Natural Constituents of Orange, Ester of Wood Rosin

  • Sweetener: HFCS

This was the first time I have tasted a Saranac beverage and at first sight, I give it a "Okay" First, They need to invest in their marketing as the label is very boring and was peeling off on all corners. I like the deep tase of the natural orange in this soda, but there was not much a creme sickle going with it. Reading up on Saranac it seems like their mainstream is beer, so maybe soda is just a side gig. 

Boylan Orange (#1)

Overall Rating: 7.0 out of 10

Boylan Bottling Company, New York


170 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 42g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Simple clean design & smooth clear bottle = 8

  • Color: Refreshing orange looking color = 8

  • Taste: Overall sweet and smooth orange  = 6

  • Experience: Great refreshing drink for the summer = 6

     We started the first VSC soda reviews with a cool summer favorite, Boylan's Orange Soda with pure sugar cane. Boylan's Orange comes in its usual clean smooth bottle and simple round label. This soda is sweetened with real cane sugar and for sure you can taste it in every sip. The orange flavoring comes from the mandarin and tangerine oils and natural orange flavoring. Overall, this soda has more a sweet tangerine taste that goes down smooth. Great for a summertime drink!