Boylan Creme Soda (#8)

Overall Rating: 8.25 out of 10

Boylan Bottling, Paterson, New Jersey


155 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 39g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Simple clean design smooth clear bottle with twist off cap = 8.0

  • Color: Honey brown = 8.0

  • Taste: Like a scope of ice cream half melted   = 8.5

  • Experience: Delightful as a bowl of ice cream  = 8.5

  • Notable Ingredients: Pure Vanilla Extract saids it all!

  • Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Here we go again, another great soda from Boylan. This one tops the list of many with its smooth and sweet ice cream flavor.  From the twist of the cap, you think your eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Goes down smooth and leaves that sweet vanilla taste with a lite fizz. Suggestion being is that there is no going back after this one. Enjoy a bottle for that late nite treat!