Boylan Cane Cola (#28)

Overall Rating: 7.87 out of 10

Boylan Bottling, Paterson, New Jersey


160 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 40g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Smooth clear bottle. I have always liked the style and thickness of Boylans bottles. It also has embossed name and year = 8.0

  • Color: Deep cola look = 8.0

  • Taste: Decent and different cola taste   = 7.7

  • Experience: Bought the 4 pack of this one. Great treat in the middle of the day  = 7.8

  • Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Another great soda from Boylan. I have had this one many times thru the years and finally got time for the write up. I always enjoyed Boylan sodas and this is another great example of a simple and satisfying soda. The Boylan’s Cane Cola has a unique cola bite and a delightful taste as it goes down. Enjoy a bottle for that midday treat