Saranac Black Cherry Cream (#11)

Overall Rating: 4.62 out of 10

Saranac  Utica, NY


172 Calories (12oz) , Sugar 46g

  • Label and Bottle Appearance: Standard tall clear bottle with no trills label that was not glued on very well. = 5.0

  • Color: Modestly deep red = 5.0

  • Taste: Not much of it    = 4.5

  • Experience: Reminded me of drinking Kool Aid  = 4.0

  • Notable Ingredients: Sodium benzoate

  • Sweetener: HFCS

As a kid back in the late 70s, I always remember mixing those packets of Kool Aid in my mom's plastic tupperware pitchers. They always gave the taste of flavored water, butmore the water part of it. Drinking the Saranac Black Cherry reminds me of the black cherry Kool Aid from the past. In summary, This did not have the taste of soda, but that of flavored water.