Kick The Can

Kick The Can

Before the technology era, as young kids, we spent the majority of the day outside. Whether it was playing sports, camping or riding bikes, it seemed like I was outside whenever at all possible. Those great memories outside, also include playing many games and one that comes to mind is “Kick the Can” Hiding and running around the yard at night with that eagerness to kick that helpless can before my older brother or sisters was a high of my childhood. With that being said, I have dedicated this section to those vintage soda cans that survive “getting kicked around”. Hope you enjoy, Tom

The Double Story

1933 Seminole finally perfects its cola recipe. They name their new flagship product Double-Cola, because its 12 ounce bottle was twice the size of other soda bottles being sold at the time.

1957 Double-Cola becomes the first major soft drink to be marketed in a 16 oz. returnable bottle.

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