Red Arrow Bottling Company Detroit Michigan


The Red Arrow pop company was owned and founded by Joe Sakal and was located at 1551 Church Street, Detroit, MI. His original name was Sakalawski, later shortened to Sakal. He ran it in the 40's and 50's (roughly) till his sons Joe and Rudy took over. It went out of business sometime in the late 60's or early 70's. The bottling plant was near Tiger stadium, and was turned into a self storage warehouse when the pop company folded. Flavors that Red Arrow produced were Cream, Wild Cherry, Cherry, Black Cherry and Birch Beer. They also produced Morning After soda.
The name appears to have come from the Red Arrow, or 32nd Infantry Division of National Guardsmen from both Michigan and Wisconsin that fought bravely in WWI and II. Due to this honorable history, Red Arrow has become a very popular name in the Michigan area. The name has been given to many landmarks and establishments. There is even the historic U.S. Highway 12 that has been renamed the Red Arrow Highway to honor the men of the Red Arrow Division

The arrow logo on the older Red Arrow wooden case crate has a hash mark through the midpoint of the arrow shaft just like the 32nd Infantry Division's arrow logo